2RESQ Masks

Innovative Design to save more lives


Our Vision

The main goal is to save human lives as much as possible.

2RESQ is a startup innovation idea that is created to facilitate rescue operations for the injured in contact and firing areas where toxic gases and fire smoke occur.

The research and planning stage

This is the stage when the team created the final view and the project is converted from the idea to a suitable and reliable 3D design.


The study and development stage

In this stage the team had a brainstorming to make sure that the current design will meet the expected specifications.

The First ProtoType

The first design will be applied to be tested and to check that all required should be available.


The first step to the final End-User product

All designed parts should be assembled accurately manually to give the user a high quality product.

Packaging Stage

The lightweight is one of the secrets of the project's success. 2RESQ device is practical, durable, and suitable for difficult rescue conditions.


Leakage and Toxic Gases testing

2RESQ device undergoes several tests in terms of withstanding toxic gases and the absence of leaks

Final Marketable product

The final view and packaging is looking smaller, lighter, and easy to be used .. This is luxurious and wonderful  !!


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